The Beach Hut

The Beach Hut at Watergate Bay is perfect for relaxed dining and after a cold morning walk along the beach, I slipped in to try their menu. Now, if your anything like me all you want to do on a winters day is quietly sip hot drinks inside, as you watch the storm roll in off the waves outside. The Beach Hut is in prime position to do this and does not disappoint, some of the most decadent hot chocolates are served here.

They must have one of the best views in Cornwall as they are ideally situated almost on the beach but it has also recently gone under a refurbishment inside and has been beautifully designed. As I sit I pick out features I would have in my home and it even has a covered outside area which is perfect if you’re just popping in for a drink.

The menu included all the usual breakfast offerings and they do have gluten-free bread! I ordered scrambled eggs with avocado on GF toast which was wonderful and a slice of GF lemon drizzle cake afterwards as I was enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and the view.

I will be back.

FoodLouise Robertson