I am a photographer and designer, creating meaningful content for the unabashed adventurers and intentional businesses.


Unified by a love for the Earth and the people who live in it.

I believe in living a life full of stories and living to tell the stories of others through beautiful imagery and design.


My name is Louise and I am a child from the mountains. I grew up in Scotland and Northern Ireland and spent most of my childhood moving from one place to another. I spent my most of my 20’s as a nomad. Living and working in Europe wherever the ocean was in the summer or the mountains in the winter. Happy living out of small spaces and sketchy vehicles spending hazy sunset filled nights in the warm sea or cold sunny mornings tracking through the snow.

I fell In love with my fiancé Matt and we decided to come back to the Uk. I wanted to go back to my mountains where I’m from in Scotland and he wanted the sea so he could surf. We compromised and now we live in Newquay, Cornwall with our beautiful rescue dog Kai.


I was 6 when I was given a little black Kodak film camera and stationery set by my gran and grandad and since then I have always had a camera in one hand and a sketch book in another. Now my photography and design goes hand-in-hand with my wanderlust and minimalist values.

I believe in the value that living your truth can bring and being a part of that is a privilege. Get in contact as I forever and always want to hear about you. I want to hear your story.


Where I’ll be…


January15th - 19th

New York City. USA.

April 25th - 3rd May



May 12th - 23rd



March 8th - 11th

London, England


May 6th - 10th